Gage Cutler

I'm 20 years old and am currently attending Miami University in Ohio. When you book a trip with Cutler's Catch, whether you're new to the sport or an avid angler, we will share with you the most effective local fishing techniques and tips.


I've spent my summers fishing northwest Michigan's inland lakes for as long as I can remember. My time on Glen Lake fostered my passion for fishing and I love to teach others what it's all about, especially young anglers.

When booking a trip with Cutler's Catch, you can expect to catch a variety of species, including lake trout, smallmouth bass, walleye and perch. Guests may request to target any of these species, or ask for my personal recommendation. My passion for fishing has also made me a conservation-minded angler. I believe in catch and release fishing, but we selectively keep lake trout, walleye and perch because we like to send our guests home with their hard-earned catch. Most other species of gamefish are released to fight another day. 


Our top priority is safety on the water, followed by our goal that all of our guests have a fun and memorable experience. I am on the water frequently and I know where the fish are biting. Book a trip with Cutler's Catch and immerse yourself in the true "up north" fishing experience!

-Captain Gage